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My Team

I owe a depth of gratitude to the core of my team:

Tom Terwilliger, Achievement Mentor (Former Mr. America / 2x Mr Olympia Contender)

Eric Broser, Coach (Ironman Magazine Cover Model / Pro Bodybuilder)

Traci Lynn Cowan, Personal Trainer / Lifestyle Coach (National Figure Competitor)

Dino Paris, Peak Performance Specialist

Andrea Nakayama, Functional Nutritionist at Replenish PDX

Wendy Amstad, Anti-Aging and Detox Specialist

Michael Mangus, Science of Mind Practitioner / Spiritual Advisor

Will Schmidt, Bio Terrain Technician

Matt Antis, Parkour Coach, Revolution Parkour

Carey Ann, Social Media Publicist

Meredith Kelley, TLT Talent, Manager

J Mathias Bennett, Intuitive Strategist / Business Consultant

Nicki McDaniel, MPT/Physical Therapist, Body Mechanix

Tanya Beasley Schupp, Web Consultant / Assistant

M Scot Mohler, Web Administrator (www.mscotdesign.com)

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