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Re-Create Yourself

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#I Am Proof That Your Whole Life Can Change In An Instant. The World Is What You Create…

You can achieve ANYTHING and EVERYTHING your heart desires. It is just that simple. I am a BIG FAN and an ADAMANT BELIEVER in The Law of Attraction. If you have not already done so I recommend watching the movie The Secret. I also stand behind the work of my Achievement Mentor Tom Terwilliger a million percent. He is helping me to create the life I have always wanted. A former Mr America and two time Mr Olympia Contender as well as the author of three best selling books and an awe inspiring motivational speaker Tom is an expert strategist and tactician and his methods are tried and true. He is an amazing person and you can learn more about the work he does and how it can help you to get or stay healthy, lose weight, reach your goals, manifest your magnificence, improve your career standing, experience personal growth and transformation, and even change your belief system and your model of the world by visiting his website at the link below:


Sign up for Tom’s Achievement Boot Camp and Experience The Leap / Mastermind Programs on his site. You can also watch a recent video interview that I did with Tom on REAL Talk with Jason and Kai on Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators(SARMS).

Below is a link to an interview I did with Tom as part of his EXPERIENCE THE LEAP Mastermind Group:

Click Here

In this candid and heartfelt interview with the man who has turned Empowerment Coaching on it’s head (and inside out and upside down all at once) we discuss distortional thinking, body rapport, how to change your model of the world, the process involved in TAKING A LEAP OF FAITH, deconstructing belief systems, re-framing, neuro linguistic programming, dismantling the crusty truth and revealing the core truth, and how to manifest your true and authentic self. Tom is an expert strategist and tactician and is paving the way for leaders, coaches, athletes, trainers, entrepreneurs, teachers, motivators, and visionaries worldwide.

The most important point that I would like to share about this process, the take home message if you will, is this: Everything begins with a thought. An inspiration. An idea in your head. In fact, thought is the first level of creation. When I lost all the weight that I did and transformed my mind, body, and spirit it all began with the POSSIBILITY that it could be done. That’s right. It began with the idea that I could be something else. Something better. Leaner. Lighter. Healthier. More muscular. A better version of myself. My true and authentic self. The man I have always endeavored to become and, at times, had seen glimpses of at various stages in my life.

Here is the bottom line:

#Believe so strongly in what you intend to create for yourself that it has no choice but to manifest in your reality. Then take a leap of faith. And watch what happens next…

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